In the past few days/weeks, everything we ever knew and had lived so far changed dramatically. At least for me. We were all in some shape or form forced to change and re-adapt the way we did things. Our day to day lives had to shift and find ways to change. For three and a half years, me as a student and graphic designer had been living on my own and had to create a new life for myself. Even thought I had found a way to adapt and feel comfortable in my own space, today I feel that I have had to start from zero.

I had to leave Boston. My studio space, my classes and my classmates. My friends, my apartment, my working spaces. In this process, I have had to readapt all of the things I had to do, and put them in a different place. At my house in Peru. We were moved and taken into this extremely disruptive situation. If I had been told I was going to have to do this a few months ago, I would not have even considered it as a possibility.

In these times of sudden change, unexpected turns and decisions, I find myself moving, merging and exploring new situations. With feelings of uncertainty, impermanence but most importantly a force of mandatory change. I have had to find the intersection between being at home but at the same time making my studio space work. I have had to find a balance of focusing and self-isolating myself from my family in order to work productively, but also being able to enjoy and socialize with them. I ask myself. Is this experience adding inexplicable ammounts of value to the mundane things we had been doing before?

I think that we are all now living in a state and life of sudden change. Fast decisions. Lack of thought. In a state of impermanence I never imagined. I hope I can arrive at my goals as a designer. I hope I can find myself growing from all of this. But not losing the relationships, the spaces and the life that I deeply loved. I want to show and create and make this time the best adaptation and projection of my work.

I guess I will have to move on from here. I hope you enjoy my work. Lets just embrace the change. :)